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An IATA Accredited Agent is a passenger sales agent whose name has been entered on the Agency List in accordance with the rules. Agents duly appointed by Member Airlines are paid commission or a service fee for the sales of international air passenger transportation.

An approved location is a Head Office, Branch Office, or a Satellite Ticket Printer Location, appearing on the Agency List.

An applicant will be granted recognition as an IATA Accredited Agent (9123497-5) and consequently may be appointed to represent Member Airlines, by meeting the qualifications and criteria outlined in the Sales Agency Rules and executing a Passenger Sales Agency Agreement.

Numeric Code
Each Approved Location of an Accredited Agent is allocated an individual IATA numeric code and is entered on the IATA Agency list. IATA Member Airlines are free to appoint Accredited Agents from that list.

Qualifications and Criteria
Certain minimum criteria must be met to become and maintain the license. IATA accreditation will not be given to an applicant who fails to meet these minimum criteria. The criteria must continue to be in order to ensure retention on the IATA Agency List. The criteria fall in the following categories.

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The place of business under the approved application shall be open for business on a regular basis, be identified and trade as a travel agency.

Security of Premises
The premises of each approved location holding stocks of Traffic documents and the safe used to store Traffic Documents, shall meet the following criteria: All normal access points to the premises of each approved location shall be efficiently secured when the premises are not attended by authorised personnel of the Agent. All other possible access points to the premises such as skylights, windows etc shall be secured. Premises shall be protected by - a burglar alarm system or other security system. · The premises of approved locations shall be subject to periodic inspections.

Each approved location's working supply of un issued Traffic documents shall not be in use be locked in a steel safe weighing not less than 182kgs and bolted, cemented or otherwise secured to the floor or wall to preclude movement.

The license holder must have in its employment at least one competent, qualified staff member to be present at the place of business under application during the working hours of such a place of business. Such person must meet the criteria and competence and experience determined by the Agency Programme Joint Council in respect of the country where such place of business is located.

Staff Qualifications
The assessment of staff qualifications is made on the basis of a points system, from educational training and/or practical experience. A minimum of 35 points must be achieved by at least one staff member, or by each of 2 staff members (not combined) when the agent employs 4 or more staff members. The staff members must be permanent full-time employees of the agent, and must attend the place of business during all working hours of the Agency.

Only companies and firms that are financially sound will be approved. The applicant shall submit independently produced financial statements prepared in accordance with local accounting practices a specified by the Council and published in the handbook.

The name used by the license holder must not be same as or misleadingly similar to that of an IATA member airline, or IATA itself. The place of business must not be identified as an office of a member or a group of Member airlines.

Business Standards / Management
The license holder, or any of its managers, principal shareholders, directors or officers shall have no record of wilful violations of fiduciary obligations incurred in the course of business not be undischarged bankrupts.

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